About Us / The 3 W's: WHO, WHY and WHAT?

WHO We Are

” Fun makers” BAM!MKTG  is a boutique experiential marketing agency comprised of a team of talented and seasoned freelancers based in Grand Rapids, MI.  Inspired by the family-oriented, community culture of Grand Rapids, we strive to employ local talent and vendor services to promote local and national businesses within the greater West Michigan area and beyond.

WHY We Do It

In today’s overwhelming and competitive consumer market, businesses both large and small have to play tic-tac-toe to stay head above water or risk GAME OVER.  The rise of online and “app” enterprises now take this game to a global level making the competition more fierce than ever.  Sadly, customers can suffer from the repercussions of this entrenched retail market, making choosing one brand from another, beyond just “a good deal”, a challenge.  However, there are still proven tactics to help your brand stay ahead of the game, read on and we’ll tell you how!

Once trusting consumers have hardened from the battlefield of the shopping experience by opting to shop online to avoid fighting mall traffic and ‘tricksy’ sales people.  Desensitized from intrusive “personalized” online ads that show up unannounced on their social network timelines, our promotional field experience continues to yield what consumers most value in their shopping experience, an ’emotionally-connecting’ experience, thus influencing their purchasing behavior.

With respect to their privacy, customers still want to be acknowledged, but in a friendly, engaging and non-intrusive manner.  So why not provide a little unconventional entertainment to your traditional marketing methods and bring back the fun in shopping?

This is where BAM!MKTG comes in and why we do it.  We have a passion for people and all things entertaining, we thrive on connecting businesses to talent and consumers to valued businesses. Most importantly, we facilitate that one-on-one connection between businesses and customers to help rebuild their trust in you and allow you to earn their spending money.  It’s a win win situation when you think about it right?

WHAT We Do and WHAT makes us Worthy of YOU?

The BAM!MKTG team brings over 10 years of entertainment, production and experiential brand marketing experience.  We work face to face with an across-the-board consumer demographic to represent brands for national marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies.  Our solution to your marketing needs is to help increase your brand awareness and drive your sales by creating FUN and BUZZ for your business.

Mission Statement

As “experience creators”, our mission is to design and implement engaging experiences that enhance your consumers impression of your brand.  We can also help staff your events and direct source promotional materials as well as event signage and custom fabrication displays at competitive market rates.  

How we put the BAM! in your marketing plan: –

  • Build a synergistic alliance with other local businesses, organizations and the community.
  • Activate your consumers senses, connecting them with your brand to cultivate customer loyalty.
  • Make your business stand out in your customers mind to increase your consumer “brandwidth” 

Consumers have many choices, let us help make YOU their choice.